Yang Li has always been about a beautiful intervention through destroying luxury to give it a raw and spontaneous element, likened to the difference of live music compared to the recorded. 

Music has always been a profound influence for Yang Li, Following his collaboration with Genesis P-Orridge for his SS2015 collection, 

Yang Li launches the multi-collaborative group Label SAMIZDAT which looks at developing a fashion label as a band.

SAMIZDAT is a fictional band to express a new category that shows music as a lifestyle, the concept develops music merchandise as original fashion, though an obsession with music and visual language.

The name SAMIZDAT originates from the Russian word ‘samizdat’ which in short translates to ‘’self publish’’ and refers to the secretive publishing of banned literature, music and arts.

Inspired by the bootleg and sub-cultures, this on-going project offers a selected range of products, including t-shirts, hoodies, totes, woven patches and other iconic, bizarre music and lifestyle merchandise.

SAMIZDAT will be seasonally updated with new products and live elements 

Collaborations with artists and musicians are in the works to make the Samizdat merchandise line is so a platform where the designs meet music.