ARIUNAA SURI is a Mongolian. Designer Ariunaa had been studying at University of Arts in Bremen as a Master of Designer and had living in Germany until 2011. 

Mystery of In-Between - A mysterious existence between Eastern and Western, where the culture, lifestyle and history of art are totally different, and the scholar who assimilates these special features in the creations – this is the ARIUNAA SURI.

It is for everyone, who has ability to feel and express the brand with their own tastes and personalities. The inspiration of the designs are usually rooted from the unique pattern, motifs and elements of Mongolian traditional extraordinary costume and all these features are imbibed into ARIUNAA SURI’s designs. Every single piece of work by the ARIUNAA SURI brand is timeless and classical which is made of luxury, high quality materials from Mongolian wild nature such as cashmere, leather, hand crafted accessories.