FOO and FOO is about foo and whoever interacts with the clothing, 
where everyone can explore exponential possibilities within each collection. 
Foo collaborates with artists to shine light on both foo and the artist’s work in a digital context.
FOO-FOO was the nickname of the brand’s creative director Elizabeth Hilfinger when she were a child. 
Foo loves clothes, but really doesn’t care about them - or rather, doesn’t care for many of the ways garments are interpreted in today’s fashion industry. 
It has been a lifelong dream for Foo to create a digital platform that involves fashion, but does not revolve around it. 
This site has become an expression of Foo and Foo’s reasoning with everyday life combined with the influence of the mundane. 
Foo created fooandfoo.com to give artists a space to display their ideas, and a place where Foo could experiment with creative pursuits to distract foo from the chaos of the world.