HEDVIG was founded by Sofia Järnefelt and Taru Lahti in 2021 and is based in Helsinki. It all started as Sofia’s art project inspired by both of her grandmothers’ backgrounds : one a baroness from a prestigious family, the other a woman from the rugged cliffs of the outer archipelago of Åland. The peculiar stories from her family’s history turned out to be an intriguing visual story to tell and build upon. Balancing abundant luxury with a pruned aesthetic. Giving the construction of garments extra emphasis, as it is what holds together the remaining details of shattered opulence.

Crafted with care of the finest materials available. Designed to endure for many years to come. With responsible choices at our core, HEDVIG offers multi-purposed garments to be with you wherever you may go. Transcending trends with a well-curated wardrobe that we build over time and with moderate consideration in mind.

Working with experienced manufacturers from Italy, Japan, Estonia and Lithuania, with whom we have a long history from throughout our careers, ensures our selection is produced by responsible specialists with integrity and understanding of our values, aesthetics and sense of quality.