Originating from the ancient French word “libéral”, LIBERE expresses the freeing attitude shaped by fashion from our forerunners and aims to transmit it to future generations. By Re-creating and Remembering memories and dreams from our youth era, we Remake a high-end street fashion with a nostalgic and retro sensibility ; “NEW RETRO (ニューレトロ) = NEWTRO(ニュートロ)”.

The head designers “L” and “K” forming the “maverick creative” team built their craftsmanship throughout Japanese and Korean cultures. By molding their techniques in Japan and working in Asia, the team incorporates a style that mixes various elements such as high end-street, military, artwork and tech wear into their cultural roots.

By remembering, recreating and remoulding our roots and memories, LIBERE transmits a liberal style resonating with the youth of tomorrow.