Naitnaitnait is inspired by visions from a recent past, the nostalgia for those promised futures, transient thoughts and softness within the masculinity. 

Eastern Asia in the late 80s, harbor city streets at dusk, Tokyo/Seoul/Shanghai, moving warm colors of the neon lights and darker blues of the ocean water.

Our take on elegancy is it is about being romantic, timeless, qualitative. Searching for the highest craftmanship and material quality there is.

A lyrical reverie of elegancy and simplicity, a romantic rhyme to tradition and style.

The brand presents collections that offers a wardrobe that consists of elegant and versatile pieces. Each garments combine generous and clean lines with most natural materials and details inspired by the past future nostalgia. Simple and soft shape that underline the wearers personality. Using layering and rich texture to create elegant volumes and forms. Minimalistic silhouettes and rich fabrics allow you to relax regardless the environment and time. 

The operation team of NaitNaitNait had decades of experiences with Italian bespoke tailoring and premium RTW tailoring, from design, patterning, cutting to manufacturing.

Started from one bespoke shop, The mother company spent only half decade to become one of the largest tailoring brand in China. Introducing modern classic product and clothing techniques of Europe and Japan to the Chinese market.  We received countless awards in the field of mens fashion branding and e-commerce.


About Gao Tyan

Creative director/designer of the brand. Worked in the field for over 15 teen years.

Started at one of the most successful Chinese fashion company, help established the new lines as brand manager, later worked as assistant of head designer Tillmann Lauterbach, with focus on the main menswear collections and collaborative capsule collections. After leaving the company, Gao started his own company with fiends in Shanghai. He is now owner, designer and creative director of a mens formal wear brand (FULLMONTYT, China’s top selling suits brand) and a shoe brand(PANE™, designer sneaker brand). NAITNAITNAIT™️ is now the lasted and focused part of Gao’s career.


Over the years, we have deepened our relationship with luxury mills all over the world. (Loro Piana, Cerruti, Zegna ex….) co-developed private fabrics with English and Italian mills. The manufacturer(Zegna co-opened) of NaitNaitNait is one of the largest and best in the world for producing suits coats and jackets, making RTW and MTM clothing for high end brands and tailoring shops in Europe, America and Australia, ships daily.