NO GREY AREA is a creative journey through time. Delving back in history and exploring the mysticism of ancient India, the label became a profoundly heartfelt tribute to authenticity in cultural representation.

Founder and creative director Arnav Malhotra perceived it as an intricate exploration of his cultural ancestry.

For centuries, Indian dressing has been interpreted but not embraced, seen but not appreciated to its fullest potential. Finding inspiration in people, art, culture and most of all, the everyday. Interpretation of all three, drives the constant evolution of the label as a way of understanding its wearer.


No Grey Area looks back to ancient Indian garments and their particular geometric Zero Waste patterns, and creates contemporary interpretations of these traditional silhouettes eliminating textile waste at the design stage.


Our family owned production facility in India is 30% solar energy run,LEED GOLD certified a common objective leadership award for excellence in sustainable fashion.The facility has set clear goals to continue working on minimizing waste, energy management, and treating water waste.


Women empowerment has long been a part of our DNA. Internally, our production unit is largely driven by women with them accounting for 80% of our work force wherein they are given ownership and are involved in corporate governance and décision making processes.