RE;CODE‘s philosophy is that “This Is Not Just Fashion”,launched in March 2012, the Seoul based brand aims to design newness without waste. It is creation of beautiful clothing with environmental consciousness in mind. 


The brands name is comprised of two elements: RE; the re-created design inspired by a revolutionary thinking and Code the new culture beyond fashion spreading the value of sharing and environmental concerns.

RE;CODE is an up-cycling brand that provides a new life and gives new value to the nonelected garments. Yearly, massive amount of clothing is dumped and produced newly which leads to the destruction of the environment. Furthermore, a number of garments that have never been sold in the store and incinerating are growing. Therefore, RE;CODE exists to dilute the issue.

Eco-friendly Unique Design

In the process of designing the selected ready-made optimum that was disassembled and assembled, RE;CODE boosts the exclusive style. Trousers are transformed into a dress and various clothing is assembled into one. The design that is born in this development is the one and only RE;CODE’s unique product, where we can doubtlessly say, once you own it, you’ll love it.

Limited Edition

Small quantity yet limited is the products of all RE;CODE. There are some cases where identical designs show a subtle distinction in detail. Owning a RE;CODE in your closet means you will feel proud to be part of our ‘the one and only’ around the globe. 

Re-commercializing a disassembled ready-made product is a complicated procedure. Thus it needs artisans’ work for the best design as well as function. Despite the amount of time consumed for all the products of RE;CODE are re-born from our artisans.