Shanshan Ruan created her eponymous brand in 2013 after winning the Public Award at the 27th Festival of Photography and Fashion in Hyères.

Since then, she has set up her atelier in Paris to design and manufacture her line of women’s ready-to-wear.

Working in close collaboration with suppliers, craftsmen and workshops, Shanshan Ruan offers collections entirely made in France.

The brand is represented by the multi-brand showroom NoSeason and unveils its creations twice a year during Fashion Week.

Today, the brand is distributed worldwide in boutiques and concept stores, such as Adekuver, H.Lorenzo and Closet Case... It is also developing its e-commerce platform, offering exclusive pieces on order.

Anchored in textiles and craftsmanship, Shanshan’s creation is a representation of her vision of clothing - above all a functional object, yet so much more...

Among the various creative possibilities available to us today in raw materials, colours and accessories, Shanshan knew which strings to pull to weave her universe and find the harmony between material and construction. She listens to the voice of the fabric and observes its movement, allowing the lines of construction to support and favour the form.

She subtly introduces traditional savoir-faire and reinterprets it in a modern way. Pleats for example, an embellishment more frequently seen in haute couture, are mixed with ready-to-wear materials and find their place in everyday wardrobe. The finesse of the pleats merges into a more contemporary shape, creating allure that is entirely unique.